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Coach Information

Coaching a HS Rec Soccer team can be a very rewarding experience! The ability to help our young players stay active and involved, play the world's greatest sport, and enjoy the social nature of our teams.

Coaches Pledge

Fall/Spring Registration

All Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Managers must register with HS Coed to participate with the team. Anyone involved with our teams must go through a background check that is done automatically when you register with us.

We require at least 2 adults to coach each team.

Coaches need to register for Freshman/Sophomore Division(U15/16), for the Junior/Senior Division(U17/18), or Open Division (U16-18) (Spring Only).

HS Coed League Rules

  • Carry a copy of these in your team notebook to reference at games. Coaches can help referees, coaches, and players abide by all of these rules.

In your registration you will be asked about schedule requests, and all schedule requests are due at that time. You need to consider school events like retreats, dances, etc. as well as SAT/ACT testing. Schedule requests that aren't accepted are birthday parties and Timbers/Thorns games.

Field Assignments

  • We have access to Gabriel Park, April Hill, Glenhaven, Rose City Park, Montavilla Park, and Sellwood Park.
  • Requests will be granted first come first served for the coaches who register first.


  • Players are responsible for purchasing uniforms/ball from Tursi's Soccer Supply in Beaverton only. Home team wears red and the away team wears black. It is mandatory for players to wear the HS Coed jersey at games.


  • Coaches can access their Game Day Rosters using Team Connect.
  • You need to provide the referee an Official Game Day Roster.
  • PYSA rules state that 50% playing time is guaranteed.
  • Guest players are okay but must be registered to HS Coed. Any non-registered HS players are not allowed.

Coaches Gear

  • Coaches must return all of their coaches gear when they are finished coaching for HS Coed. There is a fall coaches meeting that you will be able to return or pick up your gear at. If you cannot attend the meeting you need to arrange to pick-up/drop-off at the office, 426 NE 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97232.
  • Coaches Gear Package includes: Ball Bag, 2 Game Balls, 1 Ball Pump, 2 Corner Flags, 1 Net with Bucket, 12 tall cones, 20 disc cones, Goalkeeper Jersey, Goalkeeper Gloves, med kit, ice packs, 10 bibs, net stakes, net straps

Team Notebook

  • Coaches need to carry a copy of each players medical release and player's pledge to all games and practices. You can print each player's medical release from Team Connect, Click Roster then Print Options.

Team Connect

  • Help Guide
  • Help Guide can also be found in the top left hand corner of the screen in Team Connect.

Team Building Events

  • We encourage team building events before, during, and after the season. It is a great way to break the ice for new team or help create better bonds between teammates that have already played together. Here are some ideas:
    • Bowling, Lazer Tag, Pot luck at someone's house, Timbers or UP games, Putt Putt golf

Coaches Meetings

  • Fall - August 26th - 4pm @ Buckman Fieldhouse - Park on the corner of NE 15th and NE Glisan, blue building in NW corner of field.
    • Coaches will get their coaches gear at this meeting as well.
  • Spring - TBD

Coaches Education
We encourage our coaches to attend as many coaches clinics as possible that are hosted by OYSA each fall.

OYSA Coaches Clinics

FIFA 11+ Warm-Up
PEP Warm-Up

Team Formation
If you have HS Varsity, Club, or ODP players your team has to play in the Open Division(Spring Only). If you want your team from the fall HS Coed league to play in the open division contact the Registrar. Make sure you are following the rules for which division your players are allowed to play in. More issues are created when coaches bend or break the rules on the field. Remember that you are affecting the spirit of HS Coed when you don't play within our rules.

HS Coed Philsophy
While we do want your players to be competitive, we do not want to sacrifice that for the safety and enjoyment of soccer for all of our players. We want coaches to keep the games in perspective and remember that this is recreational soccer and is meant for fun.

We also want to make sure that coaches are encouraging the participation and empowerment of it's female players.

Be willing to share players with other teams, we are in the same club and if we can give some players more playing time we should do so.

Encourage your players to be on time and to bring a ball to practice/games.

Contact the registrar if one of your players is seriously injured or has a concussion. Part of the club fees goes to a secondary insurance and will help cover some of the medical bills.

Remember that a player cannot return to practice or games if they have had a suspected concussion until you have gotten a medical release from their doctor. Please mail the medical release to the office at 426 NE 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97232.

Avoiding a Blowout Game

It is the coaches responsibility to not let game scores get out of control. Here are some ideas if your team gets a large lead:

  • Your team must have 10 passes before they can shoot
  • Shoot from outside the 18 yard box
  • You can only score from crosses
  • Move players into unfamiliar positions
  • Put your best player at defense or on the bench
  • Remove a player
  • Stop scoring!!